Saturday, 5 October 2013

Unearthly challenge: Day 1 & 2

Well, I just got sucked in to a challenge. Game Artisan are hosting the Unearthly challenge. Me having a bit of spare time and being a long time lurker of the 3DTotal forums I decided to join.

Out of the four categories I went for the 3D vehicle as I already had an idea I was pretty interested in trying out.

The Bullfrog

"The Bullfrog is an Oceanic planetary explorer. With its powerful hybrid engines it can cross vast oceans either above or below the waters.

It can be dropped from orbit and land using parachutes. Once on the water its hydrofoils deploy and off it goes.

Massive waves? No problem, using its small wings to provide lift, it can hop over them and its computers can even map a route allowing it to jump from wave crest to wave crest resulting in more efficient travelling during planet wide storms.

If needed it can dive up to 100 metres under the surface and provide life support for a crew of 3 for up 24 hours."

During the first day I quickly blocked it up and added a subdivision modifier because I wanted some nice smooth curves.
Image showing some sketches

Image showing the model from various angles

Day 2: Added more detail and finalised main sections of the model.
Image showing the improved model in perspective view

Image showing the back perspective view of the model

Image showing the front view

Image showing the improved model from a side angle

At this stage I am almost satisfied with it. I'm still working on defining certain areas.

Comments are welcome!

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